::we carefully chose davines::

...as our product line for both hair color and maintenance.

Words alone do not do Davines justice when it comes to their superior service.

We are ecstatic to represent such an incredible Earth- friendly company here in our very own Memphis salon. 

From frizzy to flat, dehydrated to oily, curly to color treated...

No matter which, Davines has the remedy designed for a diverse range of hair types.

::MEEt co-owner and master stylist::


    As a little girl growing up in South Korea, she was intrigued with the fashion and beauty industry. Unfortunately, hair stylists were not held in high regard and were considered as nothing more than menial laborers. Her parents forbid her from pursuing this career path, so she set her dream aside and trained to become a graphic design artist instead.

    After moving to the United States, she married and began a family. All the while, her passion remained dormant within her. When her children had grown up a bit, the opportunity presented itself for her to attend cosmetology school. She JUMPED at the opportunity.

    She began her training in California with some of the finest instructors in Los Angeles County and completed her initial training at Plaza Beauty School here in Memphis, TN, receiving her long awaited degree in cosmetology. She was recruited by Gould’s, and with the exception of working at The Looking Glass Salon for a year, she spent the next 17 years employed in Gould's Day Spa as their color correction specialist.

    While there, she had the opportunity to receive training from the Paul Mitchell Corporation to be one of their instructors that traveled all over the country putting on shows and teaching other stylists the latest trends and styles. This was well before they had even established their own beauty schools. It was her dream, the pinnacle of the beauty industry, and they had chosen her! The training was excellent and she learned well. Then as she completed the program and discovered the rigorous travel schedule, she knew this was not very conducive to family life. So she made the decision to stay in Memphis.

    She does not consider what she does to be work, but more of a living art.  Very little competes with the pleasure of making people more beautiful by enhancing their natural attributes, matching hair style and color to their features and skin tone. Seeing their expression when they look into that mirror at the final result with gratitude is her realized PASSION.

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...that turn out to be the most brightly lit and beautifully wondrous. AHE Colour Studio sits tucked away from the crazy world of big businesses and corporations. It is built on the foundation of spiritually aware individuals who share common goals of sustainability, authenticity and quality service to others.