Sherbert Ratliff is a native Memphian that loves to help women feel more beautiful. As far back as eight years old, she remembers being molded by her mom on how to trim ends of hair and manipulate manual marcel curling irons. The rest is history!

For the past nineteen years, Sherbert has used her gifted hands and serving heart to bring comfort and joy to those she serves. Sherbert is a Cosmetologist, whom some of us know as a "hair Stylist" or "beautician". And that’s okay too!   

During her journey in the beauty industry, Sherbert has trained and become certified with some of the nation's leading hair care brands, such as Redken, Kuene, HotHeads and Design Essentials. She has traveled with Request Products as an educator and freelance teaches to her peers and cosmetology students where she resides. She continues to enhance her skills and knowledge by attending various educational trainings each year to assure she can give the best services that her clients desire.

Sherbert's passion is to help women feel their best by assisting them in looking their best! Her mission is to serve women who want healthy hair with hair color and highlights and those who want quick and versatile home maintenance on straight or textured hair. She promises to exceed your expectations, cater to you and pamper you with beauty services you desire and deserve in a professional environment and timely manner, or it’s free!

What clients rave about is the "Perfect Consultation". This intimate process allows Sherbert to gain the knowledge of what is most important to each individual and the goals they have for their hair. Therefore, this allows Sherbert to recommend the best possible solutions to help each client meet those goals. Many state they have never experienced such a caring and detailed consultation, and they love it.

What encourages her most is when clients say they have enjoyed their total experience. Sherbert uses all of these God-gifted qualities to fulfill her purpose.

During her personal time, Sherbert enjoys spending it with her supportive husband, son, and mom along with talking to her daughter who is away at college. She also loves serving in the music ministry at her church as she uses her voice to give back to God in hopes of helping others to live in holiness unto Him.

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